Здесь мы будем размещать статьи наших партнеров и студентов, которые активно практикуют свой английский в работе и повседневной жизни. Они также поделятся с Вами своими впечатлениями о жизни за пределами Украины.

Всю свои сознательную жизнь мы учим иностранный язык, забываем и учим снова. А ведь английский можно выучить один раз, но качественно, и после просто поддерживать его на уровне. Залог успеха – мотивация и системный подход, которые, к сожалению, часто отсутствуют. Обеспечить системность – это обязанность преподавателя, а мотивацию каждый ищет в себе. Но мы попробуем Вам помочь и в этом. Эти статьи помогут понять, как иностранный язык способствует реализации вполне конкретных жизненных задач и достижению поставленных целей.

Empire State of Mind

Zhanna Chervyakova (Cannon)

An aspired educator and a founder of Love and Kindness Inc.-  a NYC based nonprofit organization designed  in order to promote social and emotional learning in Ukrainian schools and group foster  care homes, and to create a better acceptance and understanding of the world in terms of its diversity.

Research Coordinator at the Language Instutute at the Shevchenko University in Kyiv.

Passionate about languages and cultures and the idea of prompting compassion and awareness.


It seems natural to take things for granted; however, it is a feeling of gratitude that makes one ecstatic about life. Today it hit me that I am indeed very lucky to be exactly where I am - the Grand New York City. So I am writing my first blog note at 6 in the morning ready to take a plunge into a seriously interesting Monday.

I know that on my way to work I will be passing by the Empire State Building. It always makes me think of a JayZ song "Empire State of Mind". The song is a true motivation. As I owe this City much of my gained experience I thought It would only be fair to honor the Big Apple with some insider information about NYC taken from the song itself.

Empire State of Mind (selected verses)

Yeah I'm out that Brooklyn
Now I'm down in Tribeca ( a very expensive and old area of the City )
Right next to DeNiro
But I'll be hood forever ( having a street mentality)
I'm the new Sinatra
And since I made it here
I can make it anywhere ( reference to Frank Sinatra song "New York")
(Yeah they love me everywhere)
I used to cop in Harlem ( buy drugs in Harlem) 
All of my Dominicanos ( there is a large Dominican diaspora in Harlem)
Right there off of Broadway
Brought me back to that McDonalds
Took it to my stash spot( place where the money is kept)
560 State Street
Catch me in the kitchen like Simmons whipping Pastry ( game of words where kitchen- place where drugs are made, Simmons Pastry - shoe line by the daughters of Rev Run from Run DMC)
Cruising down 8th street
Off-white Lexus
Driving so slow 
(but BK, it's from Texas!!) 
Me I'm out that BedStuy (area of Brooklyn)
Home of that boy Biggie ( late artist Biggy Smalls)
now I live on Billboard
and I brought my boys with me
Say what up to Ta-ta
Still sipping Mai Tais ( name of a cocktail that includes white rum dark rum cranberry juice and grenadine)
Sitting courtside ( seats on the floor of the basketball arena)
Knicks and Nets give me high-5
N**ga, I be Spiked out ( reference to Spike Lee who has court side seats )
I could trip a referee
...tell by my attitude that I'm MOST DEFINITELY FROM...

[Alicia Keys]
New York!!!!
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
There's nothing you can’t do,
Now you're in New York!!!
These streets will make you feel brand new,
the lights will inspire you,
Let's hear it for New York, New York, New York

I made you hot n-gga,
Catch me at the X ( Bronx, where the Yankee stadium is located) with OG (Original Gangster) at a Yankee ( NY baseball team) game,
sh-t I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can,
you should know I bleed Blue ( blue is an original yankee color and he is a big Yankee fan), but I ain't a crip tho (reference to the Crips gang who wears color blue) ,
but I got a gang of n-ggas walking with my clique ( crew) though,
welcome to the melting pot,
corners where we selling rocks (drugs),
Afrika bambaataa sh-t (reference to an Old school rapper)
home of the hip hop,
yellow cab, gypsy cab, dollar cab, holla back,
for foreigners it ain't fitted act like they forgot how to act,
8 million stories out there and they're naked,
city it's a pity half of y’all won’t make it,
me I gotta plug a special and I got it made,( to have a plug= to have connections)
If Jeezy's payin LeBron, I’m paying Dwayne Wade,
3 dice cee-lo ( ceelo is a dice game)
3 card marley, ( marley is a card game)
Labor Day parade, rest in peace Bob Marley, ( there is a big Carribean Parade for the Labor Day )
Statue of Liberty, long live the World Trade,
long live the king yo,
I’m from the Empire State thats…

As I finish this note I have begun endless tribute series to New York City. 



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